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A tour around the regional food power to be exhibited in Buenos Aires soon

Between 8 and 10 November in Tecnópolis, Buenos Aires, Aliment.AR is going to be the exhibition that for the first time is going to gather the world buyers and the Latin American offer.

Latin America is one of the few regions on Earth that can meet the global food demand that is estimated to grow by 30% in the next 20 years in pace with the population growth, by then of 9300 million.

Between 8 and 10 November in Tecnópolis, Buenos Aires, Alimentar.AR, the first B2B food, beverages and trends exhibition, thought to become the great shop window of the Latin American export offer, is going to be held, a meeting point for 300 exhibitors from Argentina and other countries.

A giant that is going to play a central role, Brazil, counting with the Brazilian exports and investments promotion agency, APEX, is going to promote their strong food industry, generate business opportunities and attract foreign investments at their large space in the exhibition premises.

Peru’s stand is going to be all about the brand Super Foods Peru, a government program for the promotion of the wide offer of highly nutritious food products that contribute to and are in sync with the healthy food world trend. Likewise, Guyana, Chile and Colombia are going to promote their food products portfolio in their respective spaces, and companies from said countries are going to occupy individual stands: Chilefood, engaged in the export of nuts and the Colombian coffee federation, the traditional and influential association that inserts Colombian coffee in all the international markets.

Aliment.AR is also going to have a LAC pavilion for Latin American and the Caribbean countries. Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Panama, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Nicaragua, Belize (presenting a wide range of hot sauces by Hot Mama’s and dairy and ice-creams by Western Dairies), are some of the countries of the LAC pavilion. The Venezuelan offer is going to be related to cocoa (Artekao and Krips) and fruits (Frutin and Enriquísimo). From El Salvador, the firm PaMem is going to display a series of dazzling products based on noni, a singular mostly unknown fruit rich in properties and health benefits.

In the case of Bolivia, the offer is going to be represented by products with a strong identity of their land, as tropical origin crops (palmettos and pineapple) of Palma Verde or the diverse quinoa products presented by the national association of quinoa producers (Anapqui). Ecuador is going to display their most select coffee (Valverde and Vitrina Gourmet) and a great variety of energizing organic beverages based on different plants, among which guayusa from the Amazonian regions stands out (Green Matters).

From neighboring Paraguay, Rediex (investments and exports net) is going to bring a great yerba mate selection (Selecta, La Bombilla, Jerovia Orgánico, Py Teas) with a clear goal: to enlarge the presence of the natural sweetener from Paraguay, stevia, in the local market. And from across the Río de la Plata, Uruguay, a wide offer of alcoholic drinks including wine (Antigua Bodega Stagnari, Bodegas Castillo Viejo, Viña Eden and Marichal) and craft beer (Volcánica), and all kinds of alfajores (Punta Ballena and Bacelona) are going to be displayed.

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