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The Food Sector Meets in Argentina.

Thirteen key aspects about the first top level B2B food exhibition in Latin America.

What is Aliment.AR?
Aliment.AR is the first top level B2B Latin American food, beverages and trends exhibition held in South America. On November 8-10, in Tecnópolis, Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the first time in history, over 350 purchasers with a rich agenda of coordinated meetings and many others will gather with exporters from different corners of Latin America.

The exhibition has a dual purpose. On the one hand, the promotion of regional food exports and the creation of international business opportunities. On the other, the attraction of investments to boost the enhancement of the productive infrastructure of sectors with high development potential.

Aliment.AR will host the 9th edition of the international business rounds LAC Flavors, on November 7 and 8, in Tecnópolis, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Over 350 international buyers selected by LAC Flavors and Aliment.AR will be present at the exhibition to hold about 9000 meetings with exporters, distributors, food companies and SMEs from Argentina and Latin America. One hundred and fifty buyers will be invited by LAC Flavor and the other 200 will be invited by Aliment.AR. These are only the confirmed buyers who will participate with a schedule of meetings previously set by means of a professional on-line platform.

The exhibition area will be divided in 12 sectors according to food industry, and there will be seminars and forum spots, as well as a kitchen for exhibitors to perform culinary displays.

What is LAC Flavors?
LAC Flavors is a prestigious international round organized by Interamerican Development Bank, through, and the Argentine investments and foreign trade agency (AAICI), supported by the Argentine Ministry of Agroindustry and Exponenciar S.A.

LAC Flavors’ 9th edition will take place in Argentina for the first time during Aliment.AR, on November 7 and 8.

At the 8 previous LAC Flavors editions, 12,000 B2B meetings were held, generating a potential business volume of USD 610 million.

At this 9th edition, 150 international buyers will travel to Argentina from all parts of the world to enlarge their network of suppliers and to hold one-on-one meetings with local and regional companies.

The meetings will be generated via a matchmaking platform specially designed for LAC Flavors and Aliment.AR. This on-line platform will allow buyers and suppliers to coordinate their meetings according to mutual interest, ensuring the creation of real business opportunities during the international round and with the purchasers invited by Aliment.AR to take part at the exhibition.

Who organizes Aliment.AR?
Aliment.AR is organized by Exponenciar S.A., a company formed by Clarín and La Nación (main mass media in Argentina) that is also the organizer of Expoagro, the biggest agro-industrial exhibition of Argentina, already held 12 times, and Caminos y Sabores, the food, crafts and tourism fair whose editions so far have been 13.

Who are the exhibition sponsors?
The exhibition is sponsored by the Argentine Ministry of Agroindustry and counts with the strategic cooperation of the local coordinator of food manufacturers industries (COPAL), the Interamerican Development Bank, the Argentine Investments and Foreign Trade Agency (AAICI). Other major sponsors are Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, the government of the province of Buenos Aires, Citrusvil, Coca Cola, HSBC, IPCVA, Nextel, the government of the province of Córdoba, SN Estudio Aduanero, the province of Santa Fe y Wobax (consulting).

There are also important institutions and organizations supporting the exhibition, such as the Embassies of all the participating countries, the bi-national and sector chambers, representatives from the most important value chains, such as the national exporters chamber (CERA), the exporters chamber of an important port city as Rosario, the sugar and milk producers’ associations and other sector chambers and federations, CIPA (food products industries chamber), CAM (Argentine peanuts chamber), the Argentine citrus fruit federation, AAPRESID (Argentine association of direct seeding producers), CREA (association of regional consortium of agricultural experimentation), CADAM (Argentine chamber of distributors and wholesale supermarkets), the Argentine chamber of cold cuts and related items, the Argentine tourism chamber, center of poultry processing plants companies, FAIM (miller industry Argentine federation), CPIA (association of agricultural engineering professionals), CAEMPA (Argentine chamber of spices, bell pepper millers and related industries), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), INTI (national institute of industrial technology), SENASA (national agri-food sanity and quality service) and UIFRA (noodles manufacturers industrial union of Argentina).

How is it organized?
Besides the enormous business center, a conference room and a kitchen for culinary demonstrations, Aliment.AR offers 12 exhibition areas for the different industries of the participating companies that come from 22 countries.

The exhibition area is divided in beverages, fruits and vegetables, frozen products, preserves, fats and oils, grains and cereals, dairy products, meat, ingredients and additives, services and institutions, multi-products, food from the world and the Argentine provinces, and the LAC Flavors pavilion, hosting 22 Latin American countries.

How is the business center going to work?
The exhibition will include a special sector for meetings on November 7-10. The 350 purchasers (150 invited by LAC Flavors and 200 invited by Aliment.AR) will be able to meet during 25 minutes with buyers from Argentina and Latin America in the meetings sector. These gatherings are coordinated directly by the parties by means of a matchmaking platform specially designed for LAC Flavors and Aliment.AR. This on-line platform ensures that only two parts joined by a common interest meet, with higher chances of real business opportunities.

Aliment.AR, in turn, offers exhibitors the possibility to take part in a Virtual Business Round with buyers from all over the world that could not attend the exhibition, and are interested in the Latin American export offer.

Where are the purchasers coming to Argentina from?
The retailers, wholesalers, supermarket agents, brokers and importers that will come together At Aliment.AR are from 44 countries, namely: Israel, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Romania, Canada, Belgium, United States, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, Bolivia, Chile, Lebanon, Uruguay, Mexico, Qatar, Guatemala, Italy, Germany, Paraguay, Brazil, Thailand, Panama, Japan, India, Australia, Singapore, Bulgaria, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Norway, Argentina, Hungary, Guyana, Afghanistan, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Morocco, and Portugal.

What are they interested in buying? 
Beverages, fruits, vegetables, frozen products, preserves, fats and oils, grains and cereals, dairy products, meat, ingredients and additives, multi-products, food from Latin America and specialties from different Argentine provinces.

What are the related activities?
The International Seminar on Bioeconomics and International Trade of Food and Beverages will take place on November 8 during Aliment.AR.

On November 9, a series of short-duration thematic forums about new modalities of international food trade and an Investments Forum, aimed at attracting direct investments to boost economic growth, develop sectors with potential, accelerate job creation and open doors for local entrepreneurs, will also take place.

Why the region is so important for the world food provision?
South America represents 32% of the total world agri-food exports and, according to FAO, this region could meet 50% of the world food demand for the next 20 years. Latin America is the biggest net food supplier and exporter.

The Argentine food and beverages industry alone exports USD 25,000 million each year. This represents 44% of the total shipments exported by the country. As food exporter, Argentina holds the 11th position globally.

Argentina has the capacity to feed 400 million people and is inhabited by only 40 million.

When and where is the event held?
Aliment.AR will take place from November 8 to 10, in the fair premises of Tecnópolis, Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The activities will begin on November 7, with the opening of LAC Flavors Business Round that will take place also on November 8.

What are the communication channels for companies willing to participate?
Interested companies may contact Aliment.AR organization at +54 11 5128 9800 or send an e-mail to 

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