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Over 350 buyers to arrive in Argentina from all over the world to participate at Aliment.AR

Between 7 to 10 November, over 350 food products buyers from 44 countries are going to arrive in Argentina. Argentina has the capacity to feed 400 million people and is inhabited by only 40 million.

Aliment.AR is the first top class B2B Latin American food, beverages and trends exhibition to be held in South America. Between 8 and 10 November, for the first time in history, the offer and demand of food products of Latin America to the world is going to meet in Tecnópolis, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Aliment.ARis also going to host the 9th edition of the international business rounds LAC Flavors, on 7 and 8 November in Tecnópolis. From 8 November to 10 November, the exhibition is going to count with a large business center, a stands area divided in 12 food sectors for companies coming from 22 countries, and a debate space for seminars, forums and conferences.

Argentina has the capacity to feed 400 million people and is inhabited by only 40 million. Mercosur, on its part, produces 32% of the world food trade and it could provide 50% of the global demand in face of the changes in consumption habits of the global population, according to recent estimates. In this context, the exhibition aims at promoting regional food products exports and creating international business opportunities. Moreover, the attraction of investments to boost the enhancement of the productive infrastructure of sectors with high development potential is another goal set for this exhibition. Aliment.AR is carried out by Exponenciar S. A., a company made up of the main mass media of Argentina, Clarín and La Nación, with the support of national organizations, institutions and companies.

Business meeting
For four days in Argentina, over 350 buyers from at least 44 countries are going to hold around 9000 previously arranged business meetings with representatives of the Latin American food offer. Buyers and sellers are going to agree to meet using a matchmaking platform specially designed for Aliment.AR and LAC Flavors. The platform allows the parties to coordinate the gatherings on-line, ensuring that only two parties joined by a common interest meet, with higher chances for real business opportunities.

One of the major buyers that has confirmed their participation at Aliment.AR is Wismettac Asian Foods, Japanese distributor of Asian products in USA. “Aliment.AR is an excellent opportunity to develop a long-term commercial relation between Argentina and Japan through our company. We are very interested in introducing all kinds of vegetables and fruits (fresh and frozen) from Argentina in the United States and from there to distribute the products to Japan”, stated company representatives.

Other companies like this, with an annual business volume over USD10 million and with no previous business deals with Argentina to date are also going to be present. One of these is El Machetazo, one of the three big retail chains of Panama. Another example is Amacore, a big fish and seafood importer from the Netherlands, and the distributor Doyle Importation INC from Canada, interested in a wide variety of products, ranging from olive oil to dulce de leche (caramel spread), honey, artichokes, and ceviche, among others.

Other participants seek to strengthen their existent commercial relations with the local market. This is the case of Productos 3A LTDA of Colombia, a company established in 1985 that imports dried fruits,such as raisins, plums, almonds and half peaches, and of Hipermercados Tottus, a major Peruvian chain, with 64 branches in Argentina.

Siam Trading Co LLC, from the United Arab Emirates is also going to come to Argentina. This company distributes food products to supermarkets, restaurants and catering services and represents the access to the Middle East, Africa and Asia for the American cuisine. From Ukraine, ATB-Market Ltd., a large fast-growing commercial net supplying over 1000 stores has confirmed their participation.

Coming from the scale player market of Indonesia, with a population of 260 million, the company PT Sukanda Djaya is also going to be part of the event. PT Sukanda Djaya is mainly engaged with providing Indonesia with the best food products of the world and is currently registering Arcor as a new incorporation of their portfolio.

One of the big players that is going to visit Argentina is SDIC International Trade, a Chinese company found among the top 100 importers. The company buys for over USD10 million and is specially interested in dairy products, fruits, grain, fish, meat and oil. From the United States, HEB, one of the biggest supermarkets of Texas and other important Southern states is going to join the important event. And from Spain, Emi Balmori, of Victus Off Trade / Benetti & Pecoraro, has sent a message relating their participation at Aliment.AR. He said, “I look forward to participating at Aliment.AR. I have canceled a programmed trip to India because I believe I can do better business with you. I am very interested in your proposal.”

And this is just part of the list of confirmed participants. Among the 350 buyers is also found El Angel S. A., from Costa Rica, with over 30 years’ business development generating distribution channels in their country and in Guatemala, the United States, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Ecuador, El Salvador, and India. Also, Pontyn S.A., the big Uruguayan importer and international brands representative having their own brand; Sost Industria y Comercio de Alimentos, and Princesa Supermercados, from Brazil, are among the confirmed participants. But the opportunities for the Latin American offer that is going to get together on the occasion of Aliment.AR is not limited to the visit of these 350 importers from every corner of the world. On the days of the exhibition, a series of inverse commercial missions from United Arab Emirates, India and China, are also expected to arrive in Argentina.

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