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Latin America, an attractive place with many challenges ahead

Under the slogan “opportunities to invest in the region”, the Technical Secretary of the CAS, Alejandra Sarquís, the Economics Professor of UCA, Pablo Lara, and the Vice President of the Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency, Franciso Uranga, spoke at Aliment.AR about the advantages and pending issues of the agro-industrial sector in Latin America.

The business opportunities represented in Latin America for the world were the kick-off of the Investments Forum that took place on the second day of Aliment.AR, the B2B food, beverages and trends exhibition that gathers 350 buyers from 44 countries with 300 exporting companies from the region in Tecnópolis.

The panel was formed by the Technical Secretary of CAS (southern agricultural council) and IICA regional representative in Uruguay, Aleandra Sarquís, the UCA Professor, Pablo Lara, and the Vice President of the AAICE (Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency), Franciso Uranga. Lara opened the talk by presenting data about the situation of the country and the region in relation to the commercialization of agro-industrial products. “In the last 6 years, the international context changed. The exports flow in dollars of Latin America and the Caribbean was held back around USD 165,000 million. However, between 2010 and 2016, Argentina is the only Latin American country whose exported values went down by 2.6%.

Lara underlined that Brazil represents over 30% of the Latin American exports, followed by Mexico, with the 17 % and Argentina with the 13%. “After those countries come Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Paraguay. In terms of destination, Asia, particularly China shows a growing participation in the trade flows of the region.”

Sarquís pointed that it is necessary to have a strong support from the government for Argentina to attract attractions and open to the world. Among the main challenges, she considered that it is necessary to strengthen the international relations and the changes in the production matrix. “The public policies must focus on the support to innovation and research, as we need to produce quality foods with value addition. In turn, we must comply with the environmental requirements that are part of international agreements signed by our country. It is also necessary to generate predictability and trust conditions. I believe that is the direction we are heading to,” she added.

Closing the speech, Uranga mentioned the role of the Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency, public body that is a strategic partner of Aliment.AR and is engaged in the creation of new business opportunities.

Moreover Uranga detailed a series of attributes Argentina counts with and that are useful to reach that goal, as natural resources, human talent, competitiveness and an adequate capital cost, with a growing access to credit and low sovereign risk. “From the government we work to open new markets and profit from the Mercosur potential. We are also promoting the necessary reforms, as the tax and labor ones, that are being discussed in the National Congress the soon,” he stated as a conclusion.

10 November
– From 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.: Aliment.AR.
– From 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.: 3rd National Day of Food and Beverages, organized by COPAL – 11 a.m. To 1 p.m.: Conferences by INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology)

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