Who is going to be at Aliment.AR?

Business oriented with a team of experts to identify business opportunities, Aliment.AR has a clear strategy to attract Food and beverages buyers, both international and local.

International buyers:

Through our international strategy, Aliment.AR convenes more than 500 international buyers.

LAC Flavors will be held at Aliment.AR, a macro business round that invites more than 150 international buyers, mainly from Europe, Latin America and United States. Jointly organized by Inter-American Development Bank – IDB, Argentine Agency of Investment and International Trade, Argentine National Ministry of Agroindustry and Aliment.AR.

7th and 8th, LAC Flavors exclusive days.
LAC Flavors will be free for Exhibitors.
The International Department of Aliment.AR, will help you to do your matching and arrange your meetings.

In addition to the LAC Flavors, from 8th to 10th November, Aliment.AR will be the b2b meeting point for more than 500 international buyers, invited by the organizers of Aliment.AR, that will exclusively be at the exhibition, guaranteeing business agendas for exhibitors.

Aliment.AR convenes buyers from non-traditional markets, complementing the strategy of LAC Flavors, in order to have a worldwide representation of buyers at the exhibition, and enhancing opportunities for global context.

International buyers are selected by the sectorization of the Exhibition, so that all exhibitors of Aliment.AR, have the opportunity to contact buyers interested in their products.

Retailers, Distributors, Traders and Direct Importers will be invited to contact Latin American F&B suppliers.

Local Buyers:

Aliment.AR will be the meeting place of the most important buyers, distributors and supermarkets in Argentina. Argentine exhibitors will be able to expand their business portfolio in one place, finding in Aliment.AR the most relevant actors in the sector: retailers, distributors and important buying groups. In addition, LATAM exhibitors will have the undisputed opportunity to enter the Argentine food market.

Steps to do your b2b agenda:

Meetings will be generated in a matching platform designed for Aliment.AR.
Depending on your interest you can guarantee business meetings with both buyers of LAC Flavors, as well as, international buyers invited by Aliment.AR September.

We invite you to complete your profile, and select the international buyers with whom you want to meet, at the following link:

For more information: