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Aliment.AR opens the debate concerning the food market

The B2B food, drinks and trends exhibition to be held in November in Argentina will include a seminar and two forums dealing with the complex world of international trade.

In addition to the enormous business and stands area, this first top-class Latin American B2B exhibition to take place in South America will also offer convenient facilities for debates and training. During Aliment.AR, between 8-10 November in Tecnópolis, Argentina, the International Seminar on Bioeconomy and International Trade of Food and Drinks, a thematic forum and an international investments forum will also take place.

At 11.30, on Wednesday 8 November, the International Seminar of Food and Drinks will begin, addressing the major geopolitical changes and the opportunities created for the region. The meeting will count with the participation of the most distinguished specialists and public officials from various Latin American countries.

The Seminar will include the analysis of the future of the food trade and the upcoming deep changes in the international scenario; the challenges Latin America faces to increase the volume of exports; the viability of blocks such as the Pacific Alliance and Mercosur, and their opportunities to incorporate in the international context; and the creation of secure logistic chains in terms of the OAS certification for operations with the United States.

An expert panel moderated by Félix Peña (International Trade specialist of Standard Bank Foundation and Untref), Fernando Vilella (Director of the Department of Bioeconomy of the Agribusiness and Food Program of FAUBA), Gustavo Idígoras (International Relations adviser of the Argentine Biofuels Chamber) and Diego Casella (secure trade specialist) will be in charge of dealing with the mentioned subjects.

Moreover, on Thursday 9 November, Aliment.AR concert hall will host two important forums.
In the morning, the investments forum aimed at promoting economic growth, boosting potential and facilitating the development of local entrepreneurs with the support of foreign investment will start at 9 o’clock. The specialists’ speeches will be about the opportunities offered by the region. The vision of international investors from Asia and Europe will be presented in the first person: three businessmen will be telling their success stories of investments in agroindustry.

Advance registration will be required and the forum will be closed with a lunch for all participants to keep networking.

In the evening, the thematic forum about new modalities of international food trade will start at 2.30 p.m. This forum will exclusively cover technical aspects and will focus on specific subjects, such as the food certification for religious rites or following environment protocols —including success stories for halal and kosher certifications. Moreover, participants at the thematic forum will be able to get a glance at the food and drinks of the future and will access specialists’ knowledge on how bioeconomy is going to change the production, commercialization and consumption systems globally.

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